I’m Alice Tegtmeier – a wife, mom of 3 and frumpy mom turned fashionista. As a Personal Stylist I share tips for accessible style and attainable sanity on this blog www.instyleandinsanity.com. When I’m not editing closets, serving as a taxi service, or studying second grade fractions, you can find me drinking coffee and building into the lives of other women – hopefully at the same time.

My quest for personal style and mental health are what fuel this website. My hope is that you’ll join me on my journey in Style and in Sanity.

Join the other parties I have going on through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Wanna work together? 

For personal style sessions, closet edits and personal shopping session pricing, or public speaking and workshop inquiries, email me at instyleandinsanity@gmail.com. 


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