to resolve or not to resolve – my answer to that question

For the past decade I’ve made a new year’s resolution. There were health resolutions, financial ones, a word chosen for the year, the decision to find joy every day. One year I resolved to try a new recipe every week (that was actually a really good resolution that resulted in some staple meals around my house). By looking at how long it’s been since my last blog post, my resolution should probably be to blog more regularly. šŸ˜³

But this year I’m skipping the resolution making.

I’d like to skip it just to go against the grain. A little rebellion of my own, if you will. But to chalk my choice solely up to standing up to current trends would be a lie. Truth is, I’m just not up for it this year.

2017 is going to bring massive changes to my family’s daily life. I started working again at the end of last year, and my husband experienced a (positive) change in his job. All awesome and exciting, but we’re all feeling the effects in some major ways. So to have another self-inflicted task/goal/ideal to live up to sounds overwhelming and like a recipe for certain failure. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t have goals or things I want to accomplish this year. I most certainly do. (I’m coming for you, cluttered utility room!) But I’m keeping my expectations of myself real. There’s nothing more upsetting than letting yourself down. There’s also nothing wrong with knowing your current limitations and living wisely within them. 

If you’ve also decided to skip the resolution making, you have a friend in me. Let me know in the comments! Let’s proudly stand together, focused on what’s in front of us, knowing we’re doing what’s in our best interests. 


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