Jewelry Storage and Display (and a giveaway!)

I have a ton of jewelry. It comes with the territory of being a Stella & Dot Stylist. And, let me tell you, it’s a cryin’ shame that all those stunning statement necklaces and sparkly bracelets should sit in a jewelry box or drawer or be hanging out of sight. So you know what I do? I display those beauties right on my dresser. It’s like instant home decor, and I can easily change them out seasonally. 

I personally like neck forms instead of something to hang necklaces from. Creates a lovely display and it’s really easy to get your necklace off the display. And really easy to put it back on when you’re done. Anyone else have a habit of setting things on their dresser for “a better time” to put them away? Just me? I know… Marie Kondo would not be proud. 
Bracelet bars are also awesome. As you can see, I have a few bracelets. Having them out where I can see them to create the perfect armparty is ideal for me.

 stella and dot jewelry bracelet golden greys jewelry tray i dream in jewelry 
My favorite inexpensive place to get the jewelry display items is But there’s nothing like something that makes your display personal – like my “I dream in jewelry” tray from Golden Greys. Adorable AND the perfect sentiment, don’t you think?! 

Wanna win one? Megan from Golden Greys has agreed to give one away! Head to my Instagram (that link takes you to the place to enter) and follow the instructions in the caption to enter! Giveaway winner will be announced Friday, March 4! Good luck!  

golden greys jewelry tray giveaway stella and dot 

thredUP haul and shopping tips

Thanks to a few of you lovely ladies, I had referral credits for thredUP!! Thank you (you know who you are!) for using my referral link to try thredUP. I hope you loved what you got. And I’m loving my latest thredUP haul!


5 tops, 1 pair of flats, and sunglasses


I love a good top, and lately I’ve been buying up everything I can wear with leggings and skinnies and still feel like all the important parts are covered, know what I mean? I’m also into long necklaces as opposed to shorter statement necklaces, so the tunic length is appealing to me. 


all tunic, all the time


And in case you think neon shoes (new with tag, might I add) is a bad idea, I totally plan to wear them with 4 out of the 5 tops I bought. 

neon can totally be versatile

Seriously… these sunnies. Outside my tortoise shell comfort zone, and I love them! Love that Vince Camuto! 


In case you didn’t read my first post about thredUP, you can here, but read these shopping tips, first.

  • MINDSET: You need to think of this as a boutique consignment shop. Everything has gone through an inspection process, but these are previously owned items. Look in the description of the item to see if the item is in excellent condition or shows minor signs of wear. I have been pleased with the condition of all my purchases.
  • URGENCY: If you see something you love, get it NOW because it probably won’t be there tomorrow. You can put items in your cart and they will be reserved while you shop, but your cart will empty after a few hours (I’m not sure how many, but I know sometimes I go back to my cart and it’s all there and sometimes it’s not). For this reason, if I like something, I put it in my cart right away, then edit my cart at checkout, and I don’t wait to checkout for too long. If I have to stop shopping before I check out, I set an alarm on my phone to go back and finish shopping, or at least release the things I’m not going to buy so someone else can have them.
  • FILTER: Definitely use this feature to find clothing/shoes in your size. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of items on the site and you’ll be browsing for DAYS if you don’t filter. I like to choose my dress size, waist size and shoe size so at least I’m only seeing items that will fit me. Make sure you check include equivalents because there are many European brands and their sizing is different.   
  • SEARCH: I’m so glad this is possible on their site. Have you ever been on a site where you can’t search keywords? Nightmare. And when there are thousands upon thousands of items on their site, searching keywords is a good idea. So if you want to see if thredUP has “gladiator sandals” or a “Kate Spade purse” or a “fringe dress”, you will not be disappointed!

If all of this has gotten you excited about thredUP, here’s a little something to start you out on your retail journey – $10 credit to use on your first order (and I’ll get $10, too). You have to use THIS link and you have to be a new customer. Happy Shopping! 

    Wardrobe Spring Cleaning: How to Edit without the Mental Anguish

    Spring Cleaning is around the corner (end that sentence with the emoji of your choice – mine would be the face of grief mixed with disgust and turmoil). If you’re like the majority of people, you see this as an opportunity to get rid of the things in your home you no longer use or need. Easy peasy if we’re talking about old issues of magazines and expired pantry items, right?! But when it comes to the clothes in your closet that still have tags on them or the pieces you loved but haven’t worn in a while, the task becomes more difficult – ok, if we’re being honest, it becomes emotional and kind of impossible.  So let me help you break it down into easy, actionable and turmoil-free, steps that work for you either as you go or all in one shot. 

    cluttered closet need wardrobe edit
    When your clothes are this close together, it may be time to purge!
     All-at-Once: If you like to tackle a task and have it done in a day, this method is probably for you. Be prepared to make some decisions, get in touch with your feelings and free yourself of clothing that is dragging you down!

    1. Have a bag or box ready for trash and another for items to donate. 
    2. Take everything out of your closet and dresser drawers. You heard me. Everything. (I wasn’t kidding when I said this would take a day.) To make this process go quickly, don’t start sorting until everything is out of your closet and dressers.
    3. You will now take one item at a time and ask yourself this question: How does this item make me feel? If the answer is anything other than positive (for example: guilty, fat, pale, gross, irritated…) it needs to go in the trash or donate box. If the answer is positive (happy, pretty, powerful, optimistic…) ask yourself the next question – When was the last time I wore this? If it’s been over a year, figure out why. Does it need repair? Is it a special occasion item that you will use this year? Is it no longer in style, but it was one of your favorite things? You’ll need to be honest about wearing it again and decide if it’s time to let go.
    4. After all the questions have been asked, place the item in either the trash (stained, ripped, or otherwise inappropriate to donate), donate box, or back in your closet or dresser. 
    5. Repeat these steps for every item you own, and make sure the trashed clothing goes in the trash and the donate box makes it to the donation center. If you want to take the next step in using everything you kept, follow the directions in the As-You-Go section below!

    As-You-Go: This is my personal favorite method. It takes no extra time, but it isn’t done in a day and takes a little more creativity. Your plan of action is to: 

    1. Commit to a minimum of 30 days of unique outfits created from the clothes you already own (no shopping retail – you’re shopping your closet!).
    2. Find your favorite way of keeping track of what you have already worn (my favorite is the fastest way by Hilary Rushford called the Ribbon and Record. Tie a ribbon (yarn, string, or actual ribbon) on the bar at the end of your closet and get a “record” (piece of paper or notebook) for each stack in your dresser. Everything you wear either goes behind the “ribbon” or under the “record”. Then try not to wear that item again during the 30 days. (Please note: I said TRY. I definitely wear my favorite jeans more than once a month – ok, week – but I could swap them out skirts on some of those days, for example.)  
    3. Choose your outfit the night before you wear it, including accessories (jewelry, shoes, bag, outerwear – ALL of it!). This ensures you have time to use your creativity, choose something unique and try it on together. Don’t skip trying it on – just because it looks good in your head doesn’t mean it will look good on your body – I speak from experience.  
      planning what to wear the night before makes for a less stressful morning
    4. At the end of 30 days (or longer for a more abundant wardrobe), assess what you didn’t wear. Ask yourself why – if the answer is remotely negative (I don’t like the color, it doesn’t fit right, etc.), take it out of your closet and donate it. You will seriously feel better when you do! Your brain won’t use up mental energy cataloging it as you pass over it every day, and you won’t spend any emotional energy on it (feeling guilty that you don’t wear it  because of the amount of money you paid, or having received it as a gift but it’s not your style). Taking those things out of your closet will free your mind, and after they’re gone, you won’t think about them any more! It’s truly amazing. 

    If you’re looking for a little motivation, accountability and community during this venture, join my #springcleaningclosetremix under that hashtag on Instagram and on Facebook here. (It’s a closed group, so only the people in the group will see what you post, not all of your Facebook friends and family – unless you invite them to participate, which is totally welcome – the more the merrier!) You’ll be welcomed by a host of encouraging women, sharing their closet remix creations and what worked for them when cleaning out their closets. I’ll also be chiming in with stylist secrets, tips and tricks to remixing your wardrobe, finding/refining your style and shopping! The challenge begins March 1, so go join the group on Facebook and start outfit planning now! 

       Guest Post by Makeup Artist Tricia Clarke: Easy Contouring and Highlighting

      Well hi there, lovelies! I’m Tricia Clarke, and what a treat to be asked to join you here, in Style and in Sanity. By now, you probably love Alice, and her ability to translate trends into what’s wearable for your real life. I LOVE makeup and exploring makeup trends. I could easily spend an hour creating a picture-perfect face that requires 25 different brushes and 40 products and makes a great Instagram post. But here’s the thing. That’s not my real life. Like many of you, I am juggling a child, our first home, my business, and so many other things. I get excited if I get to take a shower in peace! So where does that leave a makeup lover? Well, since becoming a mom, I’ve learned how to streamline my approach to beauty. I still wear makeup almost every day–but I have created a 5-minute face, instead of a 45-minute face. And when it comes to makeup trends I like to play around with what’s current, but keep it in perspective.​That brings me to the whole point of this post. I am sure that by now you have heard about contouring. I get asked about it all the time! Most of the dramatic contouring that you see takes about an hour to apply, blend and set. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kinda time!  

      ​The whole point of contouring and highlighting is to enhance your natural features. Take a minute and close your eyes, then smooth your hands over your face like the models do in commercials for face wash. (You know what I’m talking about!) You will feel that some parts of your face stick out, and other areas recede. In contouring, a cream or powder a few shades darker than your natural skin tone is applied to areas that you want to recede further, most commonly under the cheekbones, the jaw line and the sides of the nose. In highlighting, you want to bring other areas forward–so a lighter shade of cream or powder, oftentimes with a slight shimmer is applied to the tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and on the brow bone.

      Now that you have a quick overview , let’s talk about what works for every day! You can do a quick contour, a fast highlight, or a super easy combo–depending on how much time you have an what look you are going for. I ‘ll give you some scenarios, inspired by real life!

      • Scenario 1 – Quick Contour: You over-indulged while watching football and, you’re a little bit paler than you would prefer, because, you know, it’s February. You should go for a quick contour! After you’ve applied your foundation or BB Cream and dusted your face lightly with setting powder, you are ready to sculpt! Grab your bronzer (preferably one without a ton of shimmer, I like Benefit Cosmetic’s Hoola powder or Tarte’s Amazonian Clay bronzer) and a medium sized, natural bristle brush. You don’t want a massive brush for this! Envision a “3” on the side of your face. You are going to apply a light application of bronzer along your hairline (sweeping out from the center of your forehead) then swing the brush down to make a soft line from the front of your ear to right under where you apply your blush–so right along the bottom edge of your cheekbone(that was the top curve of the “3”) . Then, retrace your stroke back out towards your ear, then swing your brush around your jaw and blend just under the edge of your face, sweeping down to your chin.  
      • Scenario 2 – Fast Highlight: Thanks to your teething baby, you forget what it’s like to get a full night’s sleep, and the exhaustion is showing on your face. Highlighting to the rescue! After prepping your skin with moisturizer and eye cream, blend a cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend back towards your ears. Then, apply a cream or stick highlighter (NYX Born to Glow comes in a range of shades to suit all skin tones and has some glow to it, if you want more subtle, Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Undereye Brightener is a fave) in the following areas: along the top of your cheekbone, your brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes, blending VERY thoroughly. You will look radiant and well-rested.  
      • Scenario #3 – Super Easy Combo: You have a Girls’ Night Out or Date Night Planned, and you want to amp up your regular makeup look. Easy! Combine your new bronzing “3” technique with your strategic highlighter placement and boom! I would also suggest adding a pop of bright gloss to your lips and a few extra coats of mascara, or an eyeliner in a fun shade like teal or purple, or even gold! Colorful makeup is trendy this season, and new formulas keep you from looking like an 80s prom photo!  

      Now, that’s a lot of words to explain something that’s actually really simple! Wouldn’t a video make things easier? Well, lucky for you, I cover easy contouring and highlighting in my Naptime Waffle #2 video on YouTube! A “waffle” is just a meandering chit-chat, so if you want to skip right to the contour how-to part, start at (2:42)

      I hope that helped make the idea of contouring and highlighting seem more doable. Let us know if you try it! Thanks for having me here, Alice!

      Find me at and 

      Armparty Demystified: Formula for the Perfect Bracelet Stack

      I don’t want to brag, but I throw a mean armparty. 

      Friends often tell me they don’t know how to layer bracelets. Naturally, my desire to help others and demystify what seems mysterious led me to create a formula. I used to say I didn’t have a specific way to stack my bracelets – it was all trial and error. Then I paid attention to what I was doing and lo and behold – I did have a pattern I followed when layering my bracelets! Amazing what happens when you think about what you’re doing. 😁

      In the spirit of helping a sister out, I gift you this formula that you may always have the perfect stack: anchor + interest + sparkle = awesome armparty

      The Anchor – Not a literal anchor, this piece is the one that you’ll build your armparty around. It’s usually solid in structure or color. Sometimes it’s the largest piece in your armparty. I’ll begin with the Ally wrap bracelet in white. 

       stella dot ally wrap bracelet armparty anchor  

      Interest – this piece can be something with color, movement, cutouts, layers… anything interesting. A bracelet with spikes, studs, charms, colorful stones would fit the bill. I chose the Renegade bracelet for its edgy spikes. 


      You can always stop here with your little stack, but we’re talking ARMPARTY, and two bracelets does not an armparty make. 

      Sometimes I like to add a little more interest and balance out my armparty at this point. Enter the Sawyer Stone stretch bracelet in white to create a little symmetry and interest…


      …and the Gilded Arrow bangle for more interest with its space between the two ends and the trendy motif itself. 

      The sparkle – probably doesn’t need much explanation, right? I just place it in a spot that needs more sparkle, away from any other pieces that might be sparkly. In this case, the Renegade bracelet has crystal rounds in it. So my sparkle won’t go next to it. 


      The finished product, left to right:

      Pavé chevron cuff, Ally double wrap bracelet in white, Renegade bracelet, Sawyer Stone stretch bracelet in white, Gilded Arrow bangle in gold. 

      If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist. You can order all of these pieces and many more fabulous bracelets through my Stella & Dot website: 

      Here are a few more of my recent arm parties from my Instagram account (also all Stella & Dot bracelets)

      P.S. If you were to host an online Trunk Show, you’d likely have enough hostess credits to get a whole armparty FREE. Email me if you’re interested at and we’ll get you some free jewels!

      So, who’s gonna have an armparty tomorrow? Let me know if this was helpful/eye opening/life changing, totally how you already go about layering your bracelets, or so much work your brain hurts in the comments below – I’d love to know where you are on the armparty spectrum! And be sure to share your new knowledge with a friend by sending her the link to this post! It is Valentine’s Day and all 😉

      Newest Obsession: thredUP 

      I got my first thredUP box over the weekend. People, I’m obsessed. It’s like consignment shopping online. And any kind of shopping where I get a huge discount without leaving my couch is always welcome.

      They get their clothes from people like you and me cleaning out their closets. They accept Defect-free, On-trend, Top-brand clothing (DOT for short). Everything they accept, they sell and you get a payout (that’s the consignment part). 

      the goods from my first thredUP box

      I did have a credit in my account to try out the service, so these discounted pieces were even less expensive. The completed order screen said I saved 77% ($285.03) off retail  🙌🏻

      This Anthropologie tunic is PERFECT for the current winter weather I’m experiencing. I’m looking forward to styling it casually with leggings, booties and maybe a white long sleeved button upfor my daily life. Dressed up with tights, heels or booties and a clutch for date night sounds pretty good, too.

      Meadow Rue for Anthropologie Tunic paid $18 ($78+ retail)

      I couldn’t resist this cozy cowl scarf by Madison 88 sold at Lord & Taylor and Anthropologie. Faux fur and $10 via thredUP. Perfect to add a little luxe to my very long, very cold, Chicago winter.

      Madison 88 Faux Fur Scarf – paid $10 ($38+ retail)

      And now, the item I’m most excited about: these Dior sunglasses! When I saw them on the thredUP site I was like SHUT UP. They were $40, but with my credit, they were even less. Compare that with upwards of $300 brand new! And, excuse me, but why didn’t anyone tell me that expensive sunglasses are actually WORLDS better than inexpensive ones?! 


      Dior Sunglasses – $40 ($300+ retail), perfect condition!
      I also love thredUP’s mission and message.  Here are some excerpts from the booklet that came with my purchases. 



      You can read more about how they Do Good for our environment, our financial well being, and our communities. 

      And in case you’re concerned about returning something, don’t be. Here are the return instructions from the packing slip.


      I can live with those terms, especially if I didn’t have to leave my house (you can schedule a USPS pick up at your home, so really, no leaving the house)!

      Wanna try it with a little spending money to start? You’ve got nothing to lose, except free stuff. And I know you don’t want to miss out on free stuff. 

      Use this link to get $20 off your first order:

      Leave a comment and tell me what you would buy from thredUP! If you try it, let me know what you got. I’m sure I’ll be posting more thredUP purchases in the future. For now, I’m gonna chill in my cozy scarf and cool sunnies. ✌🏻️

      Pledge and Promise

      Blogging: Some do it for business. Some do it for fun. Some do it as a creative outlet, or for therapy… or maybe they haven’t nailed down why they’re blogging at all. One thing is sure – you can immediately tell what category a blogger is in.

      Let’s talk about the business bloggers for a moment, because I know many people have feelings about bloggers who do it for income, and this seems to be the only type of blogging people take issue with. I personally don’t mind the affiliate links if the blogger has actually used the product or service. I figure it’s a win-win-win for all involved: you have easy access to the product through the link (not having to Google something and weed through a bunch of unrelated links: win!), the company makes a sale if you loved the item enough to buy (all hail e-commerce: win!), and blogger makes a little pocket change from your sale (jingle in the pocket: win!). And if you love the blogger’s overall message, super cool that you can support him/her in this way, right?

      So let me tell you up front – I’m here to change lives. Mine and yours. All through my writing about style and sanity and your reading about it, interacting with it and me, and, hopefully, implementing something you read. I’ve written My Pledge and My Promises to you, my dear reader. I’ve posted them by my desk so I can be reminded of them as I blog. And I want to share them here with you.

      My Pledge

      I pledge allegiance to my reader – that I won’t waste your time with meaningless posts. And if I leave an affiliate link, it will be for something I’ve personally paid for, used and loved, and felt compelled to tell you about.

      (Now, if you’re an American, go back and read it like the Pledge of Allegiance. Did you laugh? Just me?)

      In all seriousness, I can’t be bought. I don’t want products or services from companies that want to spread the word about their stuff through people that haven’t used their product or service yet. I know some people enjoy that kind of thing and make money doing it (kudos for the latter part), but that’s not for me. I prefer to spread the word about products and services I’ve already tried and love, awesome places I’ve been, and amazing people I think you should know, too. That’s a little more like real life, don’t you think? 

      I get emails almost daily from companies wanting me to be a brand ambassador or influencer for their product or service. While most are cool and I’m sure could fill a need or want for at least one of my readers, if I wouldn’t pay for it or use it I feel I can’t, in good conscience, promote it. If I wouldn’t pay for it or use it, why would I recommend it to anyone? Could I make money off of it? Sure. Is that my purpose here? No. Does that mean I won’t work/collaborate with companies at all? No, also. It means I’ll only work with and promote companies that I’d spend money with. I hope to collaborate with others whose products, services and messages I believe in. Bottom line: If I don’t love it/wouldn’t use it/wouldn’t spend a penny on it, I don’t share it. Deal? Good. Now, keep reading for my promises…

      My Promise

      I promise to be genuine, like a trusted friend who would tell you if there was something in your teeth. I tell it like it is in real life, usually tactfully. I can’t always promise tact, but I do my best. I won’t make everything look like life is soft pastel in a naturally filtered glow with a blurred background. I just can’t. That’s not my real life. I can’t possibly be put together and at ease and picture perfect every moment of every day, and I don’t want you thinking that’s possible. 

      I promise to give you useful information – whether it’s about a sale or an encouraging word – I want to add value to your life.

      I promise to keep it mostly lighthearted. If you met me in person, you’d know I can’t go more than about 3 minutes without making a joke. I see no reason why my blog wouldn’t be the same way (did you see my pledge?).

      I promise to keep it positive. No tearing down people, products or services here. If I don’t love something, it won’t appear here. There’s enough negativity in the world, #amiright? If you were to straight out ask me about a product and I don’t have a glowing review of it, I promise to tell you, but you won’t see a post titled “Worst ______ I’ve Ever Used” or something like that. My blog posts may never show up on HuffPost or ScarryMommy because of this policy, but that’s fine. 

      I promise any affiliate links will be for products and services I’ve purchased with my own money, or would have purchased if it wasn’t already free. If you click on my link, I’ll make the smallest percentage if you purchase something (usually 4% – 6% of the retail amount paid), or even better, we both get a store credit or you get a percent off your purchase. If you’re cool with that, click away! If not, feel free to open up a new tab, Google whatever I just posted, like “black fit n flare dress”, and weed through the links that come up to see if you can find my exact one for the price I list on my blog. Easier to click on the link, right? *wink* 

      If I receive the product or service free to give a review and you see it here, you can bet that I loved it and the word free didn’t sway me. Because if I get it free and keep it, I loved it. If I get it free and don’t like it, it goes back to the company or the service expires and you’ll never have to hear about it. I PROMISE.

      The Real Deal

      If you’ve followed me for a while on Instagram, you know my deal. I want to encourage you in your journey. I want you to value yourself enough to take care of yourself. I want us to all get along. I also REALLY like jewelry and arm parties, a good deal, a great outfit, strong coffee and community, and I know how all these things can revolutionize our lives. 

      I’m excited for our lives to change through this blog. My hope is that you’ll resonate with what I have to put out there and put some of it into practice, and that you know that I do what I do hoping we are never the same, only better, because of it.

      Writing Wednesday: What would you do if your sandwich fell upside down on the floor?

      I thought I’d try out a fun segment here called Writing Wednesday. I’m always up for little creative writing, and I have to help my 2nd grade son with his homework. Two birds with one stone, right multitaskers?  Every month he brings home a “bingo board” with 20 writing prompts in squares (Ok, ok… they’re really rectangles, if you need to be specific), much like a bingo board. He has to complete usually 15 of the prompts, 4-5 (or more) sentences per prompt, with correct capitalization and punctuation. Every Wednesday I’ll share his 4 sentences (he FOR SURE stops at the minimum) as well as my response to the writing prompt.

      I mean, it is the age old question, isn’t it? What would you do…? Pretty sure there’s a weekly show with that name. And I think they could totally set up a secnario around this:

      What would you do if your sandwich fell upside down on the floor?

      My son’s response was pretty straight forward for a 2nd grade boy.

      “I would pik it up and put in the trash.”

      In case you need a translation: 

      1. I would pick it up and put it in the trash. (Right on, Bubby!) 

      2. If mom was there, I would tell my mom. (Wait a second. How did I get involved?) 

      3. My mom would make a new sandwich. (If this happens, I’m totally telling him to make his own sandwich – I can already see the blank stare of confusion.) 

      4. It would be gross. (The upside down sandwich, I assume. ‘Cause I know you aren’t talking about the BRAND NEW sandwich I just made you after you CARELESSLY dropped the first one on the floor! What? Oh right – this is all hypothetical. 😁) 
      Mine? Well, let’s just say, “It’s situational.”

      What would I do if my sandwich fell upside down on the floor? 

      That’s a good question, and the answer totally depends on what floor we’re talking about. My kitchen floor? Right in the trash. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not attempt to see if the sandwich has appeared to collect unwanted ingredients – because it totally has. There are stale crumbs and play doh and glitter and probably dried spaghetti now stuck to the sandwich. RIGHT. IN. THE. TRASH. 

      My mother-in-law’s kitchen floor? Immaculate. The phrase “the floor was so clean you could eat off of it” may have very well originated in her kitchen. I’d consider picking up the rogue sandwich, giving it half a glance, brushing it off and eating it. I’m telling you, cleanest kitchen floors on earth. 

      However, if we’re talking about peanut butter and jelly, I think that’s a no-go no matter what. You can’t brush dirt from that sticky mess, most of the pb&j has probably stuck to the floor anyway. Just make a new one. And if there isn’t anything left to make a new one, eat something else. Right after you clean up the goop you got all over the floor. 

      In summary, it’s situational… and eat over your plate so your food doesn’t end up on the floor. 

      So, what would you do if your sandwich fell upside down onto the floor? Let me know in the comments – because now I’m totally curious!





      Style Secrets when Between Sizes

      It’s January – the time when many of us find ourselves in one of two camps: the “holiday weight gain that has our clothes fitting a little tighter” camp, or the “weight loss resolution that will make our clothes fit a little too loosely” camp.

      Properly fitting clothing doesn’t just look better, it makes you feel better. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than squeezing into your jeans, and nothing more annoying that pulling them up 20 times every hour.

      Whatever camp you’re in, I have a go to uniform for you:

      Tunic and leggings or skirts/dresses.

      Below are some of my favorite stylings of these practical problem-solvers that are probably hanging out in your closet (read: don’t go buy new clothes just yet).

      The tunic and leggings option is comfy and on trend. My requirements for this option are that the tunic come well past my butt. All important parts covered. Coverage to mid thigh is preferred. Maybe that’s not your criteria, but I find it to be less stressful if I sit down or bend over. And after having 3 children, I’m sure nobody wants to see any of that either.

      Banana Republic sweater tunic (thrifted by a friend); Gap down vest (thrifted by myself); Old Navy denim jacket (also thrifted); Ralph Lauren button down (thrifted from the Men’s section); Target leopard print scarf (old); H&M leggings; Ralph Lauren boot socks and Sorel boots via Marshalls (old); Stella & Dot pearl spike cuff, renegade bracelet and Waverly petite crossbody (all current)

      Old Navy cowl neck tunic (recent clearance find); Gap ponte zipper leggings (current sale find – also pictured above); Adam Lippes for Target flats (this past fall); Stella & Dot jewelry – Freya necklace, Arrow bangle, Sawyer stone bracelet, Renegade bracelet, Ally bracelet, Deco cocktail ring (all current)
      And if you just thought, “It’s winter and I’m not freezing my butt off in a dress!” Shirt dresses are great to wear with leggings.

      Gap cropped sweater (old); Merona chambray shirt dress (this past fall); Gap ponte zipper leggings (I have two pairs, people – don’t judge); Aldo booties again; Stella & Dot jewels and Waverly petite crossbody – Arrison stretch bracelet, Ally wrap bracelet, Alice bracelet, Sawyer stone bracelet, pavé chevron bangle, Maylee ring and engraveable ring (all current)

      Gap flannel gingham shirt dress (last winter); blanket scarf found on eBay; H&M leggings; Sam Edelman suede booties (thrift find); Stella & Dot Waverly petite crossbody, artisan cuff, Sawyer stone bracelet and deco cocktail ring (all current)
      Hot tip: Fleece lined leggings are a thing. I recommend wearing them under a pair of lightweight leggings because they usually don’t look like cotton leggings. You can even find them at Walgreens!

      I’ll admit dresses and skirts are a little trickier if you live in a colder climate, like me. If there’s a day where it will be in the 40s, I’m totally willing to go with a dress and thick tights or even sweater tights. It’s like my desperation for comfort, cuteness and wearing clothing for warmer temps all converge.

      Gap plaid dress (found it last fall for like $7) and leather booties (also last year, but a little more than $7); burgundy tights from Target; Stella & Dot Waverly petite crossbody, deco cocktail ring, renegade bracelet, Christina link bracelet (retired) and Amelie bracelet (retired)
      I know firsthand that being between sizes, especially if you’ve worked hard to lose weight to look and feel better, is totally frustrating and makes getting dressed an unenjoyable experience. Embracing leggings and skirts/dresses as your default during this time should make the interim more bearable and keep you feeling beautiful.

      Holiday Sanity Savers

      Christmas should be the most wonderful time of the year. I hope you’re able to reclaim it for this year and plan ahead to make next year better, and more relaxed, than ever.