Writing Wednesday: What would you do if your sandwich fell upside down on the floor?

I thought I’d try out a fun segment here called Writing Wednesday. I’m always up for little creative writing, and I have to help my 2nd grade son with his homework. Two birds with one stone, right multitaskers?  Every month he brings home a “bingo board” with 20 writing prompts in squares (Ok, ok… they’re really rectangles, if you need to be specific), much like a bingo board. He has to complete usually 15 of the prompts, 4-5 (or more) sentences per prompt, with correct capitalization and punctuation. Every Wednesday I’ll share his 4 sentences (he FOR SURE stops at the minimum) as well as my response to the writing prompt.

I mean, it is the age old question, isn’t it? What would you do…? Pretty sure there’s a weekly show with that name. And I think they could totally set up a secnario around this:

What would you do if your sandwich fell upside down on the floor?

My son’s response was pretty straight forward for a 2nd grade boy.

“I would pik it up and put in the trash.”

In case you need a translation: 

1. I would pick it up and put it in the trash. (Right on, Bubby!) 

2. If mom was there, I would tell my mom. (Wait a second. How did I get involved?) 

3. My mom would make a new sandwich. (If this happens, I’m totally telling him to make his own sandwich – I can already see the blank stare of confusion.) 

4. It would be gross. (The upside down sandwich, I assume. ‘Cause I know you aren’t talking about the BRAND NEW sandwich I just made you after you CARELESSLY dropped the first one on the floor! What? Oh right – this is all hypothetical. šŸ˜) 
Mine? Well, let’s just say, “It’s situational.”

What would I do if my sandwich fell upside down on the floor? 

That’s a good question, and the answer totally depends on what floor we’re talking about. My kitchen floor? Right in the trash. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not attempt to see if the sandwich has appeared to collect unwanted ingredients – because it totally has. There are stale crumbs and play doh and glitter and probably dried spaghetti now stuck to the sandwich. RIGHT. IN. THE. TRASH. 

My mother-in-law’s kitchen floor? Immaculate. The phrase “the floor was so clean you could eat off of it” may have very well originated in her kitchen. I’d consider picking up the rogue sandwich, giving it half a glance, brushing it off and eating it. I’m telling you, cleanest kitchen floors on earth. 

However, if we’re talking about peanut butter and jelly, I think that’s a no-go no matter what. You can’t brush dirt from that sticky mess, most of the pb&j has probably stuck to the floor anyway. Just make a new one. And if there isn’t anything left to make a new one, eat something else. Right after you clean up the goop you got all over the floor. 

In summary, it’s situational… and eat over your plate so your food doesn’t end up on the floor. 

So, what would you do if your sandwich fell upside down onto the floor? Let me know in the comments – because now I’m totally curious!






3 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: What would you do if your sandwich fell upside down on the floor?

  1. I love that you’re blogging now! I’ve been following you on Insta forever (I’m a friend of Samara Postuma as well and I believe you know her). Anyway, to answer your question, if it’s my kitchen, that stuff is going in the garbage. But I will eat Cheerios off the floor and couch of our living room with my two year old. But they’re not a sticky, messy PB&J and we pick them up pretty fast when they fall!


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