Classic Cocktail Series Day 11: Bourbon on the Rocks

Listen, today was HARD for me. The kind of hard day that comes from within, which is to say my outer circumstances didn’t contribute to how I’m feeling (much… I mean we do have a puppy and 3 kids running around here, each with their own needs and ideas). 11 days of staying socially distant and staying home – I think it’s safe to say I’m an extrovert. I would not survive prison. And when the time comes, do NOT sign me up to live on Mars.

That said, I needed something easy. Therefore, today’s “cocktail” is bourbon. On the rocks. Well, just 1 rock actually – I’ll show you in a second.

Bourbon is my fav. I’m not quite sure how this happened. Maybe it’s when I had an Old Fashioned for the first time and wondered what the bourbon would taste like on its own. Maybe it’s when I was too lazy to make my Kentucky Mule and decided to go no further than the bourbon over ice. Maybe it’s when I was out of all the other ingredients and just wanted a DRINK. It’s hard to say.

Today’s bourbon is Four Roses. Some friends gave it to my husband for Christmas. They know what’s up. It’s good to have friends that know what’s up. I’ve made Manhattans and Old Fashioneds with it. Yum.

When you’re having liquor straight up/on the rocks, you’ll want to go with a higher quality that what you’d use to mix in with other ingredients. Just like you wouldn’t use stew beef as that steak you’re going to grill and eat on its own. And you wouldn’t listen to every song by Nickelback – one song on a playlist is already pushing it, but you might just get away with it. Same with liquor – quality matters. Splurge a little if you’re planning to slowly sip and enjoy.

So, my Secret Santa this past holiday season got me some bourbon (Koval) and these ice molds that make one large sphere of ice for my glass. This keeps your drink cold, but not watered down. I like that.

The best part about this whole situation is it takes me about 30 seconds to make my drink. Provided that I’ve already made the ice. I suppose it does take some planning ahead. But you can do this, people. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

Bourbon on the Rocks
  • Bourbon of your choice (I’m drinking Four Roses. I also recommend Koval and Basil Hayden’s, if you need a recommendation. This is all personal preference and totally up to you.)
  • Ice, cubes or sphere, or Whiskey Stones
  • A nice glass will add to the enjoyment. I promise.
  • Place ice in bottom of glass. Pour bourbon over ice.
  • Smell. Sip. Close your eyes, think happy thoughts.

You may be taking care if others at this time. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. One easy way to do that is to notice what you have. Sometimes it’s as easy as removing all the extras and recognizing what’s left.